UOG Event in Esbjerg, Denmark, and Japanese and Danish Delegations to UOG 2015 Tel Aviv and Official Brochure now available

UOG 2015 Seminar in Esbjerg, Denmark

Danish companies are invited to attend the UOG 2015 Promotional Event and Seminar in Esbjerg, Monday 1st June 2015, hosted by The Embassy of Denmark in Israel, in cooperation with Universal Oil & Gas and the Embassy of Israel in Denmark.

The event will put the spotlight on  UOG 2015 Tel Aviv and explore the opportunities evolving from Israel’s oil and gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean. Click here to see the full event details.

Date: Monday 1st June 2015

Business Development Esbjerg
Esbjerg Erhvervsudvikling
Niels Bohrs Vej 6 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark

This Seminar is the frontrunner to UOG 2015 – Israel’s 2nd Annual International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition in Tel Aviv 17-19th November 2015.

To register for the UOG Esbjerg event please contact:
Amanda Alletorp Sørensen
Email: amalso@um.dk
Tel.: +972 (0) 54 61 67 166 or +45 28 93 21 66


Japanese, Danish & Texas Delegations to UOG 2015

As Japan is now the world’s largest importer of LNG and the third largest net importer of crude oil and crude oil products, Israel’s emerging oil and gas market could play a key role in Japan’s energy mix. Furthermore, with increased governmental efforts for more collaboration between the two countries’ R&D sectors, there is potential for similar agreements to expand into the oil & gas sector.

If you would like to join the Japanese delegation to UOG 2015, please contact Wakako Hale: wakako.hale@wingmate.com or call +44 (0) 207 332 6922 

The Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv is organising a Danish delegation to attend UOG 2015 Tel Aviv. Last year the Embassy organised a delegation to our successful inaugural event (UOG 2014) which included leading Danish oil & gas technology companies and researchers. The Danish Embassy will be hosting an introductory promotional event for the UOG 2015 delegation in Esbjerg, Denmark next week on Monday 1st June at 4pm. If you would like to attend the event or join the Danish delegation to UOG 2015, please contact Amanda Alletorp Sørensen:

Email: amalso@um.dk or call  +972 (0) 54 61 67 166 or +45 28 93 21 66

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce is organising a delegation of oil & gas and service companies from Texas to attend UOG 2015. If you would like more information on the Texas delegation, please contact Leah Singleton (Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce) at lsingleton@texasisrael.org or call +1 214 272 4814

Israel’s Antitrust Commissioner Resigns

Israel’s Antitrust Commissioner David Gilo is resigning as he does not agree with the proposed framework to change the structure of Israel’s gas cartel. You can view more details of the proposed changes in our previous blog post here. These proposals will give new companies a chance to enter Israel’s exciting new oil and gas industry.

Official UOG 2015 Brochure

The UOG 2015 updated Brochure is now available to view. Click here to view the brochure online and see information on UOG 2015 topics to be covered, information on speakers and sponsorship/exhibition opportunities.

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