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We are very excited to announce the official Texas delegation to join us at UOG 2014. The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce delegation is targeting large, medium and small upstream and midstream oil & gas companies, oilfield and offshore rig service providers, Texas companies involved in onshore and offshore exploration and production, as well as investment. If you would like further information or to join the Texas delegation, please contact Leah Singleton by email lsingleton@texasisrael.org or telephone +1-214-272-4814.

The newly formed SPE Tel Aviv Section has been invited to attend UOG 2014 as a guest of Universal Oil and Gas.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (“SPE”) with its 110,000 members is the largest individual organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide, in the Oil and Gas industry. The Tel Aviv Section will celebrate its inception at the Networking Reception on Wednesday 19th November during the Conference, co-hosted by the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce. The members of this Section will have a unique opportunity to contribute to Israel’s Oil and Gas Industry through various programs and activities

The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce have also announced an official delegation to UOG 2014. If your company has operations in Aberdeen and would like to get involved or find out more information, please contact Julien Masse from the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce by email Julien.Masse@agcc.co.uk or telephone 01224 343 928.

Further delegations from key oil and gas hubs to be announced soon.

Ultimately companies will have the opportunity to get in on the ‘ground floor’ to a unique emerging market. 35 TCF of natural gas has already been discovered offshore Israel with production starting last year. The US Geological Survey in March 2010 estimated that there is between 50 TCF and 227 TCF of natural gas and between 0.48 and 3.78 billion barrels of oil in total to be discovered just in the offshore Levant Basin alone (45% of which is in Israel). There are also further opportunities onshore and offshore, along with huge regional potential.

Last month the UOG Team attended the World Petroleum Congress (WPC 2014) in Moscow, which was attended by thousands of delegates from oil and gas companies all over the world. The conference was a fantastic opportunity for UOG to meet international oil and gas professionals, many of whom will be joining us at UOG 2014 in November.

Don’t forget that if you register for UOG 2014 by 16th July, you will be eligible for the reduced Early Registration  packages. Sign up now via http://uogmbjb.wpengine.com/registration/

Image above
Geologic cross section of the southern part of the Levant Basin Province
For more information: http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2010/3014/pdf/FS10-3014.pdf

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